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April 03, 2024

Apple Gift Card 18 USD Key UNITED STATES

Apple Store Gift Cards are an invaluable product for Apple users of all kinds; enabling you to shop products, accessories, apps, games, music movies and more at their store - perfect if you already use Apple services but wish to upgrade their experience further! Finding great offers like an Apple 18 USD key gift can easily be found online - get ready for all that Apple offers right away!

What can I buy with an Apple Gift Card?

Apple Store Gift Cards allow customers to make purchases of various goods and services:

  • Apps and games. Explore Apple Store apps and games at your own leisure to satisfy any craving you might have; discover something you may like a great deal faster this way;
  • In-App Transactions. Any in-app purchase you make will be easy and quick - simply tap.
  • iTunes. Tired of listening to the same old tunes? With iTunes you'll be able to easily purchase new song albums and podcasts;
  • Apple Books. You will have access to new books and articles to add to your permanent reading library; purchase and add these titles now!
  • Apple TV. Buy or rent movies and TV shows as well as access any premium channels of interest;
  • Subscriptions. Subscribers to Apple music or movie streaming services or in-app transactions that repeat monthly may pay monthly subscription fees; monthly transactions also fall into this category;
  • iCloud. Take advantage of Apple's cloud services to store music, photos and documents safely;
  • Physical Apple products. With your gift card you can shop Apple Store products such as iPhones and AirPods to complete your collection of devices from their assortment.

How can I buy an Apple gift card online?

Your best option when looking to purchase Apple Gift Cards is through their official store; however there are plenty of excellent alternatives that offer cheaper Apple Gift Card alternatives and greater value per price spent - like Eneba which boasts user-friendly interface and provides various cheaper Apple Gift Card deals while giving the best experience when selecting an Apple Gift Card 18 USD key as part of a great experience once purchasing one yourself.

Redeeming the Apple Gift Card

Here's how you can use an Apple Gift Card at the Apple App store:

How to redeem the Apple code on iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

  • Access the App Store from your device;
  • To access your Account information onscreen, press the top button.
  • To sign in and log-in: Tap either your photo at the top of your screen;
  • To redeem gift card or code; select "Redeem Gift Card or Code".
  • Submit the code from an Apple gift card purchased and activate it;
  • To conclude the process, press Redeem.

How to redeem the Apple code on Mac?

  • Access the App Store from your Mac computer;
  • To sign-in or click your profile name:
  • To redeem gift card; select "Redeem Gift Card".
  • Enter the Apple gift card code purchased.
  • Complete the process by pressing Redeem.

How to redeem the Apple code on Windows PC?

  • To access your Account information, select it at the top of your window;
  • To redeem, choose Redeem from the drop-down list;
  • Sign In with Apple ID;
  • Enter the purchased Apple gift card code;
  • To complete, press Redeem.
  • How to redeem Apple code on an Android Device.

How to redeem the Apple code on an Android device?

  • Press the Menu Button and navigate directly to Account Option;
  • To redeem gift card or code; select "Redeem Gift Card or Code".
  • Enter the Apple Gift Card code you purchased;
  • To complete, press Redeem.

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